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Experience the power of meditation.

Join LIVE guided meditations via online video broadcast.
Every session is live and led by experienced
meditators from around the world. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a live video- does that mean the instructor can see me?

What are the benefits of group meditation?

Is it audio or video?

No; neither your instructor nor other participants in the session can see you. Feel free to come exactly as you are knowing that you have complete privacy. We personally like to roll right out of bed and onto our pillows to get our mornings started right :)

Zen Space is a healthy blend of group and private meditation. There are others tuning in, but you have the privacy of your own space. There are many benefits to group meditation:
1) Accountability
2) A designated time to meditate (makes committing to your practice easier)
3) No fear of "am I doing this right?" when there are others to ask and answer your questions
4) Each meditation is fresh and new

It's both. 
Your instructor broadcasts his/her live-streaming video and audio directly to your phone or laptop computer. They are usually in a beautiful location preparing to give you a truly new authentic experience every. single. time.